WashCult is the latest in my line of messages to the world. Sometimes they are contained in a feature story or film; for a while, I thought I had the key to life, and had to tell the world about it as the millennium approached. That was crazy.

This time around, I’m looking for an audience that wants to hear about arts and culture from an idiosyncratic point of view emphasizing things I’ve learned in my 54 55 60-some years. What is excellent? What shows heart? What role does skill play in art, and why does some art make us care and other art leave us cold? I don’t know enough about any one art form, or about criticism to be an expert, and I’ll take that as a key qualification for this blog.

I haven’t seen or read everything. But, as a famous philosopher once said, I know that a shoe is a shoe, and can judge its quality on fit, utility, and shoe-ness. Let’s see if enough people care to read about the arts, or the ones that I encounter, in that way.

Leave me a comment and I’ll respond, or find me at menschmedia(at)yahoo.com

all best,

steve mencher

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