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The producers of Eric Bogosian’s “Talk Radio” on Broadway, which stars hyperserious Liev Schrieber, are taking out huge print ads complaining that their radio spots have been “banned.” Apparently, the words “pet orgasm” cannot be spoken into the ether in virginal New York City. Listen for yourself. Of course the controversy is much more valuable than the small number of impressions that would have been made by the spots. Got us to listen, didn’t they?


“The Tristan Project” brings together the hottest talent in performance today, including director Peter Sellars, video artist Bill Viola, conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen, and mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter. They have reimagined Wagner’s opera “Tristan and Isolde” in a staging that is dominated by Viola’s giant, ultra-high-definition video images. The Project yanks Wagner’s opera into the 21st Century, for better or worse, and demands we consider it as something brand new.

Heard in its premiere engagement at Walt Disney Concert Hall, the result was, in turn, exhilirating and stupefying. The video tended to overpower the singers, erasing them from the scene, while their voices and the performance of the LA Phil represented the music in all its glory. The artists have continued development since then, and Tristan may have grown more focused or more ponderous.

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Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks is turning his attention to the musical of “Young Frankenstein,” as his megahit “The Producers” gets ready to close. “The Producers” was a great show, but most of the headlines today have to do with business: the first $100 orchestra ticket, the first $480 big spender ticket, the billion dollars in worldwide grosses since the show opened on Broadway in 2001 with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. It closes in April after about 2,500 performances, 18th on the all-time longest running list, according to the New York Times. (with free membership)

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