IMA 08 – Integrated Media

I’m an ima virgin so my impressions are skewed… but here’s what I think… (BTW IMA is the integrated media association – find out more here

reinventing the wheel:

this was the most prominent takeaway for me. I’ve been doing stuff on the web since 1995, and used to be involved with museum folks who were putting up the first web sites, and trying to change the visitor experience, democratizing and diffusing the content in their stuffy institutions… next time, maybe get one of these folks, like Steve Dietz, to talk about lessons learned in this endeavor in the past 13 years…

can we really sit in a room, and have someone tell us they’re inventing the encyclopedia, or that “local” radio content is something new… perhaps this is someone who never heard a dj shout out to somebody’s girlfriend…

but still… 30% of the conference was pure genius and inspiration.

For example, think about language:

instead of trying to “monetize” the web, Jimmy Wales calls Wikipedia a “charity” — not a five oh one see three — a charity. To me, that’s genius.

Free the culture, free the people, free us from our hidebound organizations and the stultifying culture of so many of them.

And let’s continue the dialogue. My idea for next time: a secret team not only live blogs the conference, but tells stories about it, and anybody can take part in the workshop to make that happen. The resulting stories go nearly live to the web, as a complement to the C-SPAN style live streams.

anybody wanna join me?


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