Global Warming and Water in Peru – Dan Grossman Reports

Journalist Dan Grossman has the coolest job, and one I’d say is crucial to the fate of the planet. He travels around the world reporting on climate change.

Man delivers water to town in Peru facing global warming challenges

Delivering water in Santa Rosa, Peru — Photo by Dan Grossman

I’m particularly grateful that Dan allowed me to take part in his latest project, which aired on PRI’s “The World” yesterday, and is live on YouTube now.

Here’s his audio report, which talks about the stark and scary changes happening in communities in Peru that are located near to glaciers and glacial lakes.

And here is the video that I edited from materials he brought back from his reporting trip – no, I didn’t get to go – about families trying to make a life in the arid highlands of Peru, where water is scarce and becoming scarcer. Please “like” and pass this on to your friends if you think it’s important.

Comments always welcome – although I don’t always get to the curating part…

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