SXSW – interactive stories

Saturday morning – two films last night which I’ll catch up on later – but this morning folks from Zeega, MIT and elsewhere talk about new ways to tell stories. Live blogging.
Interface between audience, subject and filmmaker. Ricky Leacock a key player in documentary film spent time at


Sarah Wolozin from
MIT Open Doc Lab

Get involved with the lab – unfounded residencies – plus workshops

Impact of social change docs is key measure.
How can storytellers use tech?

Immersive technology – 19th century 3d –
Moments of innovation

Sandy storyline

Chris Boebel
Exit zero project
Transmedia – book,
Economic collapse and environmental degradation – Deindustrialization

How to get people involved – share their stories and share audio, video and stories.
People in the community meet and tell stories in local community space.

Explore collections and stories via maps – organize via geography and people –
Want to engage the people via the site – engage wi people who have lived through the history –
Always changing and growing. His wife is a social scientist – qualitative and quantitative research – people always in forefront.

Zeega – what happens after the blog

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