July 27, 2015

Interactive Digital Project – Expressive Drawing

I conceived and managed this project. The aim was to engage a new audience with the AARP website, and welcome people who wanted to make art but had always been told that they didn’t have any talent.

Please let me know if any of these resources is offline — I don’t control AARP’s servers and can’t know for sure they’ll keep everything live— but I’m betting they will until September, 2015 at least.

In order to achieve success for the project — measured by the hundreds of thousands of page views and hundreds of devoted class members, we provided a full range of interactive possibilities — from videos to lessons to games to sharing art in an interactive forum.

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Basic Building Block Expressive Drawing Project — The Class

Aimone Art by Olga T
Here is the class overview, and links to a few of the classes.


Aimone Class Image
Perhaps most crucial to the success of the project was the commitment of volunteer moderators in our Art Sharing Forum. By the end of the project, several thousand works of art had been uploaded, and many had attracted comments or notes from fellow class members.


Here’s a video from the project, in which teacher Steve Aimone explains how he is inspired by his hometown of Asheville, N.C. and suggests that fledgling artists can be moved by their own surroundings if they open their eyes to the possibilities. I wrote and edited this video.


Steve Aimone Art Game Example

Gamification was big when we created this project — so we tried to create something we’d love to play. This interactive art game, built in javascript, is probably best played on a desktop.

See if you can win — and learn something about Steve Aimone’s approach to art.

Questions – please write to me menschmedia (aaattt) gmail.com


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