About Mensch Media

For now – here’s the lede on my LinkedIn profile:

family-ecuadorSteve is a digital pioneer who co-created the Smithsonian’s second website in 1995. A musician, writer, editor, producer, Steve is a proven leader whose specialty is taking fascinating and complex information and transmitting it to a wide audience. In his work he has built teams of skilled specialists, supervising to enhance their creativity and expand each person’s skills.

In his own production work, he deploys a full set of multimedia tools and skills, starting with a bedrock belief that sound and audio drive much of our emotional and intellectual reaction to content. As an editor and executive producer, he hones stories to make a maximum impact.

Steve hopes to share his skills as a producer, mentor and leader to make change happen.

Specialties: audio production for radio and the web, video production for television and the web, writing, editing, project management, consulting and team building

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